Welcome to the next step in Virtual Reality

This project called HTPDIR - HUMAN TRACKING AND PERCEPTION IN DYNAMIC IMMERSIVE ROOMS is totally new in the field of immersive and virtual reality applied to delimited rooms. As main methodology this project aims to develop a low cost system based on multiple RGB-D sensors (> = 4), providing simultaneously the tracking of the full body of the user at any point of the physical space (areas of tens of m ^ 2 ) considering unstructured and dynamic environments, gesture recognition for a more natural interaction with the immersive environment, as well as the interaction with the real world from the immersive world.


This system finds a broad range of applications in many areas, namely, shopping area (real estate development, allowing to show final finishing/decoration in spaces), education (space simulation in classrooms, museums, showrooms), training in simulation (accident simulation, police training, social training). 


The possibility of adapting any space to a new dynamic virtual world, where the user can move within it, opens up a whole new range.