Paulo Chorinca


Paulo Jorge Gargana Chorinca is a computer engineer who since 2006 develops customized software and solutions in the area of information management. Over the years it has been going through various programming languages, such as and C #, much in the offspring of its development with programmer, but also because of its desire to know other areas in the world of computer science and to keep always current In the technologies that you use to develop your work.

In 2008 he started to develop his first sites through PHP and MySQL. From that year until now, one of the main areas of his work is the development of websites.

In 2011 he set up his company, with a group of colleagues, where he began to explore, on a commercial level, solutions for increasing reality and developing applications for smartphones.

In 2014 he joined the Sketchpixel team as a computer engineer and responsible for the software development and web solutions division.

Graduated in Computer Engineering, which later complemented with a master's degree in Digital Content Production.

Over the years developed websites, management software, mobile applications and applications of increasing reality. Much of the software developed was to streamline the inner workings of the places where it worked. At this time he is participating in several projects of increased reality and virtual reality with great international visibility within Sketchpixel.